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Welcome to the Irish Ginger Beers & Stone Stouts website!

Last website update - 22nd Feb 2018.

The book on Irish Ginger Beers & Stone Stouts is now published.
Details of publication and cost shown below:-


Bottle Details - Location Info - Guinness - Wheatley

Belfast & Dublin Mineral Water Companies, etc.

752 Colour Photographs - 144 Pages 


Price £20 (Sterling) + Postage & Packing

all profits go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.


*Postage and Packing (Signed for delivery) rates as of November 2017.

UK £4  -  EU £11


( * Please note these rates will change if Postal Rates change. )


Orders can be sent to

( Do NOT send payments to email address above, details will be provided when order received.) 


[ If you require more than 1 copy. Then please contact email address above. ]


I would like to include at this point, my thanks to my great friends Joe Maguire who is solely responsible for designing this Web Page, and to Eugene Markey whose enthusiasm, support and advice has steered my research to this stage.

Neil Cutcliffe

Customer Replies:

9th Dec 2017 Thomas Hughes

I picked up my copy of the Irish ginger beer and stone stout book today. I'm very impressed. It is a great reference work for any collector and gives us an idea of what`s out there. It is a quality publication printed on glossy paper with over 750 well taken photographs of ginger beers, a huge number of which most of us will not have seen before. Neil Cutcliffe has produced a wonderful book that is a delight to look through. I would recommend it to everyone and remember also that the proceeds are going to Alzheimer's UK, a very worthy charity. Well done, Neil.


11th Dec. 2017  Finian Corley

Your book arrived this morning. Incredible amount of research, fabulous photographs  .... basically a collectors dream.


13th Dec. 2017 Neil Reid

Just to let you know that the new book arrives with me today - delighted with it. Many thanks for everything and well done on pulling together such fantastic reference material for all us collectors. 


18th Dec 2017 - Peter Grahame

This is just to say very well done on writing this informative, well researched and fabulously illustrated edition. I thought I had or knew of all the Belfast gingers but there are a couple in there that I have never even heard of before. Having been involved in research of various kinds over the years I can empathise with both the heartache, frustration and joy that you have gone through to get this book printed.  Hearty congratulations. 


18th Dec 2017 -  Thomas McCool

Let me start by saying thank you, thank you for bringing together such an invaluable and important resource into the collecting world. I had it in my head that it was gonna be a smaller reference type book but was pleasantly surprised that it was a "coffee table" publication. The larger picture format lends itself to quick referencing and identification of smaller details, which is handy when trying to pin point variations. I found your writing to be clear, precise and very informative which will surely capture the imaginations of anyone who has even a small curiosity of the subject matter. In my view the book gets a 10/10 not just because it's the first publication of it's kind but because of it's thorough, high quality images and layout. I can only imagine the time and fuel spent gathering all these all together.


20th Dec 2017 - Ricky (Bull) McConnell

Book received from Neil tonight, this publication will never be repeated what  a wonderful job you should be so proud, I hope they all sell out as it is also for a great cause.


22nd Dec 2017 - Ron Leeman

I just got your book - superb and absolutely wonderful!


23rd Dec 2017 - James Hines (USA)

My book arrived today, thank you very much. I love it. You did an amazing job. This book is exactly what the club and collectors needed.


23rd Dec 2017 Paul Doolin

Delighted with your new book - fantastic read.


24th Dec 2017 - Alan McConville

Book arrived safely - many thanks, sir – absolutely brilliant, mate!


2nd Jan 2018 - Dave Connolly

Just to let you know book arrived today, delighted! Congratulations on an excellent edition, thank you again.


2nd Jan 2018 - Joe Normoyle

Book arrived today. Superb job done. Excellent information and detail.


To view a few bottle images, click the link below.

Sample Images.